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The mission of the Florida Legal Wiki is to make the law of Florida available to everyone, for free.

Florida Legal Wiki uses the Wiki model to leverage the power of the internet and Florida’s 80,000+ lawyers to deliver a free legal research tool, which will serve both lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

If you need any additional information or to become a registered user, please contact Brian Willis at

The sites success depends on you. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to add content by editing an existing page or creating an entirely new one. However, all users must be registered to edit or create a page. If you have found this site useful, please give back by adding content to the site.

Use of this website is for informational purposes only and is not meant to constitute the giving of legal advice. If you need a lawyer in Florida, please contact The Florida Bar's Lawyer Referral Service. Please see the General Disclaimer for the complete terms of use for this site.

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